*UPDATE: We’re currently a little over 200 votes which is amazing. I’ll keep you posted right here!

Today marks the first day of the comicsperimenter campaign.
Before October 15th I’ll be trying to gather 900 votes! (yikes)
And I thought of a very special way to reward everyone who votes for me
Each. And. Every. Person. That votes for me will appear in my next comic.
Which will actually be published if I gather enough votes!

1. Go to stripglossy.nl/battle/hugo-seriese
2. Leave a comment along the lines of ‘I vote for Hugo, I love him and want to marry him OMG!!’ *it can take a while for your comment to show, don’t worry
3. Let me know on right here in the comment section, or shoot me a PM.
4. I will draw you in the comic!!
Oh and it would be amazing if you could spread the word, maybe by tagging anyone in the comments who might also want this!

So What comics is this about?

The comics that compete in this competetion are:

Job Interview: About how to pretend to be a better cadidate than you really are.
• Market Conventions: About how to spend money at a comic book convention.
Coffee for two: About drawing style and Uncle Scrooge.

Read all comics by clicking on the links above.

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