Siegfried Woldhek is one of Hollands most amazing portrait artists.
Drawing for various newspapers and the New York Review of Books.
When following one of his workshops he focused on End Result, instead of Process.
And it was a huge eye opener for me.

siegfried woldhek portrait - comicsperimenter haes

Being a bit of a process junkie myself, I really love to let myself get carried away by HOW I create certain images. For instance I really used to keep a very strict distinction between my ‘sketching phase’ and my ‘inking phase’. Even when I realized in the final stages of a drawing that some of the composition could be improved I literally wouldn’t touch it because, hey, I was now in the inking phase right?

I guess it’s somewhat natural when your starting point is experimenting with a (in my case the comic book) medium, instead of a content driven approach.
However, like I said about my latest comicsperiment For No One, the most important thing is ‘do you deliver a good story?’
In the end I think that should be your most important driver.
Siegfrieds lesson is a great reminder of that.

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