Hello there!
Winter is slowly closing in, so what better to do then light a few candles, put the kettle on and in the meantime, READ SOME COMICS!
It was a bit of a slow month due to non comicsperiment related drawing, but here it is anyway: the monthly digest of this month, November!
(if you missed out on last month, go here)


November kicked off with great news: I’ve made it into the Stripglossy finale!
That meant my comic was printed in the magazine this quarter (yay!).
This is the comic for which I drew everyone who voted on my comic WITHIN ONE PANEL.
The theme was heroes which turned out to be quite fitting.
Read My Readers are My Heroes right here.

End Result

Making comics again and again I am confronted with my obsession with the process instead of the end-result.
Which can really trap you into not finishing stuff, or even worse, not starting at all!
Famous Dutch portrait artist Siegfried Woldhek taught me a great lesson about that once.
Read End Result right here.


After returning from the Ullapool Guitar Festival (link) this image came to mind.
So I had to draw it.
Take a look at Quadro right here.


Like I said, a bit of a slow month over here.
But making some is better than making none.
It is a struggle sometimes to keep making work within the gutters of life, so to say.

But I will keep at it, don’t worry.

All the best,

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