This comic was a direct result of the Stripglossy Battle semi-finals (read how it came about, right here).
As with the other entries, it was only one page, so here you go:


fullest comic panel ever drawn

I promised to draw every person who voted for me in the comic, so I tried.
The theme of this edition was to be ‘heroes’ and quite naturally the notion of my readers as my heroes came apparent while making this.

I will do a bit of a making off on this when I find the time (it was quite an interesting process), but for now this is just a big thank you to everyone who reads my stuff!
Thank you!


So, you read that right, this is the FINALE of the comic book battle of 2018.
You’ve been a tremendous help by voting for me so now…
…I’m going to have to ask you to do it again.

1. The finale is a hard reset, each creator is back at zero votes
2. In one round I have to collect as many votes as I can (again)
3. The person with the most votes, wins (like, for real this time)!

Now in the previous round we were able to collect nearly 700 votes.
Let’s see if we can top that!

You can go here to vote for me:
Just scroll down and leave a comment: ‘I vote Hugo’


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