A short comic about dementia.

This comic explores the detachment of dementia.

[click on the image or here to read the comic]

Well, that was a bit different from my latest trials with word balloons and forests, wouldn’t you say?


For Going Out I use a couple of techniques to maximize the effect of detachment elderly people might experience.

To explain these, I’ve set up a special breakdown-page in which I explain:
• Why the text in the captions doesn’t make sense.
• How I used panel size to make panel-pairs.
• How color was used to weave it all together.
• What my ‘drawing challenge’ was for this (or why I hated making this comic).

You can read the entire breakdown right here!


As always, I don’t think you should need to read my behind the scenes ramblings to be able to enjoy a short comic.
So I’m curious to your thoughts.
Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

4 Replies to “Going out”

  1. Going out is een mooi verhaal, goed de sfeer getroffen zonder een de person nadrukkelijk op te voeren. Dát zou juist niet gewerkt hebben. Nu ‘hoor’ je een commentaarstem bij de beelden. Het verhaal is dus heel filmisch. Fraai en geslaagd experiment Hugo!

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