Ah, the Holidays are comic…err, coming!
This month a very tiny and short zen-like comic about the value of family and taking it slow.
This is December’s monthly digest.
(if you missed out on last month, go here)


Sometimes I get caught up in drawing a little too much.
I forget to take a step back and enjoy the simple things in life.
Like snow.
Read Snow right here.


Music keeps haunting my drawings.
I made a couple of fingerstyle guitar inspired Christmas cards.
They are up for free download to send as an e-card.
Check out my Guitar Christmas Cards right here.


Not everyone fancies snow.
Like my friend Laurens.
I made this comic about that.
Read Death Penalty right here.


Well, December, that means the year is nearly over.
And what a year it has been.
It was the first year of me starting to make these comicsperiments in English and it has been a hell of a ride. Slowly my plans for 2018 are taking shape.
But in the mean time I hope you have yourself a merry Christmas:

See you in January!

All the best,


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