What’s a comicsperimenter?

A comicsperimenter [kŏm′ĭk-spĕr′ə-mənt′tər, noun] is someone who
1. continuously seeks to explore the possibilities of sequential art and 2. makes up his own words.
– haes’ dictionary

My name is Hugo, but you can call me haes.
I’m a comic book creator from the Netherlands and I experiment with comics.

I believe comics are a unique and mostly underestimated medium with endless possibilities.

On this website, comicsperimenter.com, I publish my own comics and cartoons. Also I write about the art of making comics and the creative process behind it.

If you think comics are:
• just for kids…
• unable to deal with adult subjects…
• plain silly…
• batman…

…I challenge you to take a walk with me.
(unless you thought comics are batman, then you are, well mostly right, go read your batman stories and get the hell out of here!)

What do you want to do next?

Read comics

My main goal here is to publish short stories in which I experiment with some of comics endless possibilities.

See cartoons

They're quick, fun and good practice. Every week or so I make a cartoon to keep the fingers warm.

Go to resources

Comic are an artform that is misunderstood at best. I try to give some insights in the art behind comics in my articles.