This comic is about showing your art to other people.

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Showing your (art)work to other people is one of the most complex things I experience as an artist.
On the one hand you want people to see what you do and you want to show your stuff to basically anybody who has a pair of eyeballs.
On the other hand with every drawing I make I pour a little bit (or a lot) of my heart on the page. Showing that to other people by default, puts you in a very vulnerable position.

I try to separate people’s opinion of my work from their opinion of me as a person and I must say it gets a little better over time. And sometimes… you just have to suck it up haha.
The positive thing about it obviously is that when people DO value your stuff, it fills that exact same heart with joy and encouragement to get out there the next day and keep going.
That would be you.
Reading this comic.
Right now!


Originally I published this as a slide comic on Instagram.
That means the viewer only got to see one image at a time and had to slide through it to get to the next.
You can read that version of the comic, right here!

I think it’s an interesting comicsperiment to see what happens when the page can be viewed as a whole. It does take away some of the surprise I think. But on the other hand, the repetitive images on one page create a kind of rhythm that I think you lose a little bit in a slide comic format.

I’m very curious to hear which version you prefer, the slide one, or the ‘full page’ version.
Please let me know in the comment section below!

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