Short comic story: abandon

My latest short comic is about abandoning your pet in the woods.
Click here, or on the image below to start reading.

I hope you enjoyed that.
This was actually my first comic in English.
But also my first comic featuring… a dog.

Go behind the scenes

Even though, this is only a three page story, I made a special bonus page for this comic.
In which you will find:
• The danger of the ‘twist’ in any story
• What’s up with that car
• How I used ‘micro clues’ (what?)
• Sketches and page break downs
• Much more!
Check out the bonus page for Abandon here!


As with every (short) comic I make, I set out with a couple specific challenges.
But first and foremost it should obviously be an entertaining read.
Needles to say, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Please let me know in the comment section below!

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